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Well done to the new and newly promoted Chuldow Morley Black Belts!

The 3rd December saw Charlie Bowles a long-time student of Chuldow Morley achieve his Black Belt (1st Dan) in Kickboxing whilst Joshua Falkiner after several years of training with us was promoted to 2nd Dan. Mr East, Kickboxing Instructor at Morley, achieved his 3rd Dan. Well done all!

Morley clean up at the Chuldow Regional 27-11-2016

Competitors from Morley represented Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwon-Do at the Chuldow Regional Championships on the 27th November 2016 in kata, patterns, drills, points fighting and continuous kickboxing and brought home a total of seventeen trophies and a win in every discipline. Everyone had a great time and the whole event was amazing with members of Chuldow […]

Well Done Hannah Horne!

Hannah Horne achieved her 1st Dan Black Belt (cadet) in kickboxing on Saturday. Despite her tender age Hannah did not ask and was not given any quarter as she completed everything asked of the adult Black Belt candidates. Hannah has diligently trained at Morley for a number of years, assists voluntarily with the Junior classes and […]

Congratulations to Mr Watts!

Mr Nigel Watts, Certified Instructor at Chuldow Morley, today earned his 1st Dan Black Belt in Nunchaku-Jutsu. Nunchaku, often incorrectly called Nunchucks are a traditional Okinawan weapon made famous by Bruce Lee in the movie Enter The Dragon and more recently by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well done Mr Watts!  

Black Belt Graduation 6th June 2016

Congratulations to Ted Scarlott who achieved his 1st Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing today. Ted has trained for many years with Chuldow Morley and has represented the Academy in competition on a number of occasions with great success. The promotion to Black Belt was well deserved. Well done Ted.

Success at the Chuldow Championships 2016

Karate and Kickboxing students from Chuldow Morley had a great time at the Chuldow Championships this year. With over 300 competitors coming from all over Yorkshire the atmosphere was electric. We are very proud of all our entrants and as you can see from the photo a great many trophies are coming home to Morley!

Black Belt Graduation December 2015

Great success today for Morley Kickboxers with three new black belts being awarded to Sam Hepworth, Nasreen Arshad and Harry Lloyd with Mrs Kirsty East achieving her 2nd Dan. All four Morley students graded today under the watchful eye of Master A. Hauer at Chuldow’s HQ in Wakefield. Well done all!  

Congratulations Mr East

Mr Simon East, Chuldow Morley’s Chief Taekwon-Do Instructor was promoted today to 3rd Degree Black Belt. The grade was awarded By Grandmaster P. Liversidge 9th Degree and comes after more than 25 years of training and teaching Taekwon-Do. Well done Mr East!